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gif that slomo of seth shaking off his jacket i am cry

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WWE and NXT Divas - Part 2

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WWE and NXT Divas - Part 3

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my stream froze and i got this weird romance novel cover fodder

then my stream unfroze and it got even weirder

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No pain, AJ! (by @WrasslorMonkey)

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Maybe if the divas actually made the crowd care and put on a half decent match then maybe they would care


more like maybe if the sexist old timers in charge actually valued the divas enough to give them a long match that’s not on a ppv the fans COULD care about the divas

miss me with this shit idea that the divas don’t bust their asses off trying to boost their careers lmao

but anyway

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three divas matches in one episode of raw


none of them get decent length AT ALL


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The devils got nothing on me..  
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